Not every dog is a fan of nail clippers, especially once they have had an unpleasant time with nail clippers. So as an alternative method of grooming your dog, you can use a dog nail grinder at home. But when it comes to pet’s health everyone is much concerned, are nail grinders suitable for dogs? What are the pros & cons of using a dog nail grinder? And what are the best dog nail grinders for the new year? Since these are the common concerns of dog owners, we thought of writing a long but informative article on this universal topic “dog nail grinder.”

best dog nail grinder

What is the difference between a dog nail grinder and a clipper?

Nail grinder is an alternative tool to grind away the nails with a round grinder at high speed. When you are using a nail clipper, it has to cut with the sharp edges, but nail grinders only have a sandpaper-like rounded grinder. If your dog tolerates the noise of grinders, it’s far greater convenient to use the grinder. However, there can be a few disadvantages, as well. So we thought of writing about the pros and cons as well for a better understanding of nail grinders.

When you are using a nail clipper, you need to keep your hands steady to have an excellent smoothy edge. But for the nail grinders, you don’t need to keep hands steady, and you only have to hold your dog still, which is way better than using a clipper. Also, if your dog has had bad experiences on nail cutting, you can try using a grinder if they are not scared of the noise. Since it is a slow process than clipping, you get a more relaxed time to avoid the damages that can happen to your dog’s nails while clipping. Most of the time, clipping could pinch down on the cuticle with the pressure. Since then, more beautiful smooth edges of nails are another plus point for grinders. If your dog has scratching habits, it is much safer to keep soft nails. It prevents nail cracking as well.

buying a dog nail grinder

What do you have to concern when buying a dog nail grinder?

If this is the first time that you are going to buy a dog nail grinder, you need to read this article until the end. Since the safety of your dog is essential, you need to check a few things in your selected dog nail grinder.

· Noise

When buying a nail grinder for the first time, you need concern about the noise. As many dogs don’t like the sound of grinders, they get panic while you are trying to trim. Since then, it has to be a very low noise to make your dog calm. 

· Battery life

We might say it’s better to get a cordless one with a rechargeable battery. Also, a few in the market have in-built batteries as well. However, if you have to charge the grinder every two hours, you better buy a new one with good battery power. 

· Safety and speed options

Some grinders have safety guards to give extra protection. So you could avoid the paws getting hurt by the grinder. With a safety guard, you can see the area that you have done so far. Since most grinders have several speeds, choose the safest speed for a dog with a fear of grinders.

How Often Should I check and trim My Dog’s Nails?

Same as humans, dogs also need good nail care once in a while. In general dogs’nail has to be clipped or trimmed every 1-2 months. Since that depends on the breeds and the size of the dog, the best time is when they hit nails on the floor. For some breeds, they don’t grow nails fast, but some may have a speed growing of nails. Also, front nails grow more quickly than the back nails. Please keep your eyes on their nails when they start knocking the floor while walking. 

dog nail grinder reviews
dog nail grinder reviews

What is the best nail grinder for dogs to buy for your dog in 2020?

Well, in a large market with hundreds of brand names, it is quite challenging to find what is best for your dog. After using a set of grinders from different brands and talking to dog owners, we were able to jot down what is best for your dog. These are handpicked after reading hundreds of dog nail grinder reviews.

1. Our Top PickDremel dog nail grinder

This brand is known as one of the best nail grinders in the market as it won the hearts of dog owners around the world. Not like other grinders, this doesn’t have cords, and only a rechargeable battery power is used. So it is easy to handle as your dog won’t get tangled in the cable if the dog gets annoyed. You can use the battery for around two years, so it is not a hassle to change batteries very soon. The original battery pack has a two years warranty and super easy to charge within just about three hours. 

This grinder is suitable for all sizes of dogs, has two rotation speeds. You can switch between 6,500 and 13,000 RPM for quick grinding of nails of your dog. It is a fast process that your dog has no time to get panicked and run away. However, the Dremel dog nail grinder has a loud noise than other nail grinders in the market due to the fast rotation speeds. 

dremel dog nail grinder
dremel dog nail grinder

2.     Furminator Nail Grinder

Furminator Nail Grinder is our second pick, which has an LED light to see the nails clearly while grinding. It has two speeds to grind while having to get the power from 4 AA batteries. Since this is also a bit louder grinder, they provide a nail guard, so the fur will not getting to the grinder even your dog gets scared. There were some reviews we have gone through that the grinder is hard on thick nails. In case if your dog also having very thick nails, first use a clipper to make it shorter. Then it will easy to grind with the Furminator Nail Grinder safely.

3.     Oster dog nail grinder

Oster is the best for dogs with high anxiety when grinding nails. It has two speeds, and the first level is extremely quiet. There are no tangled cords, and it works with 4 AA Batteries. Other than an adjustable safeguard, oster send you a pack of nail grinding accessories as well. The package includes a Grinding Drum, a Grinding Stone with alongside Medium & Fine sanding bands.

4.     Casfuy dog nail grinder

Casfuy recently introduced a new edition of their nail grinders with advanced technology. In the latest version, they have used an advanced Diamond Bit Grinder for a safe and smooth grinding of your pets’ nails. It has three grinding parts together with two different speeds. You can select a suitable grinding post to your dog’s nail size. It effectively helps to grind the thicker nails with great high-speed design. 

Less noise and the vibration are also two main features of the Casfuy dog nail grinder. So your pet could stay still calm and relaxed during the grinding. Even you’re left-handed, it may not be a problem because it has an ergonomic frame design. Each grinder port has a built-in battery, and you can burn up to two hours once it is charged for 3 hours.

5.     Urpower Pet Nail Grinder

Urpower also has an upgraded version with a Diamond Bit Grinder. It is powerful to grind the thick nails, and you don’t have to replace the grinder once in a while. For different sizes, it has three ports, and you can select according to the size of your dog. Unlike other nail grinders that we have listed above, that is rechargeable by way of USB. Since then, you see the indicator to show the battery drainage. Once it is fully charged, you can use it for about three hours.

nail grinders
Are nail grinders good for dogs?

Tips for a good grinding experience with your dog

Even it is just a clipper without a noise, dogs get panicked when they see something odd in your hand. So, first of all, you need to introduce the grinder while petting your dog. Let them sniff and have a better look earlier than you start using it on nails. Also, get help from someone as a few dogs may additionally don’t like seeing this alien aspect touching their nails. Also, treats will work as a reward with your dogs once they are good with grinding the nails.

It is highly recommended to do a trial of letting the dog sniff and check the grinder if you are a new user. If you are reading this line, now you know everything that you should know before trying the dog nail grinders.

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