Why do you need Dog Water Bottles?

Dogs are composed of 80% water, and the hydration level of every dog depends on its activity level, age, and weather. But in general, an average dog needs to drink 8.5 to 17 ounces of water per 10 pounds (50 to 110 milliliters per kilogram) per day. So, when you go out with your dogs, these dog water bottles come in handy to keep your dog’s well hydrated.

Why not a regular water bottle for dogs?

Just say you are out for a walk, and when you take a break to give your dog some water, you open the lid of the shared water bottle and try to form a bowl with your hands to let the dog drink as much water as possible, and most of it will drip into the cracks of your hands. Or even if you carry a bowl with you and pour some water from your bottle and give it to your dog, it might not drink the water completely, so you have to either throw the rest of the water away or pour it back into your bottle and drink it (which most of us aren’t comfortable with).

So, the best and simpler alternative is to bring your dog its water bottle with a bowl built-in. So that your dog will drink more water, and less water will flow to the ground.

portable dog water bottle

Why should you use Portable Dog Water Bottles?

These water bottles are useful when going for jogging, walking, or even hiking with your dog. And these bottles vary with different sizes, shapes, and materials so that dog owners could select the most user-friendly ones according to their needs. There are different types of bottles, such as lick valves, automatic watering bowls, and automatic cooler dispenser.

What are Lick valves in Dog Water Bottles?

Lick valves, which are also called as pet watering nipples are designed in a way such that a floating ball in the nozzle dispenses water as the dog licks. This tool is mounted directly onto an existing faucet. And there are some bottles with electric devices that can detect the presence of your dogs with built-in sensors to release water. Manual ones are triggered only when your dog licks it. 

There are some bottles with two separate compartments for water and snacks. Simply flip open the wide snap button on the snack side to dispense dog snacks or pop open the water-tight cap to pour some water into the foldable cup which comes with it.

What is a Dog Crate Water Bottle?

These water bottles can provide your dogs with clean and freshwater constantly. Since it mounts on the outside of the crate, it could be easily installed, and it has a wide mouth, which makes it easy to be cleaned. It could easily be removed and refilled, and since it has a mechanism that works with vacuum lock and stainless-steel ball, there is a very less chance of water leaking out. These water bottles are BPA-free, so it is less likely that the dogs will chew and destroy it. 

dog crate water bottle
What is a Dog Crate Water Bottle?

There are several dog water bottles and dispensers in the market that could easily be attached to the crate, some of them are

●   Fatpet Dog Water Bottle

If you have small puppies or any other small breeds, then this would fit in well into small crates, and your dogs can easily consume water with a small amount of force.

●   Cocopeat No Drip Dog Water Bottle Dispenser

It’s a good choice to use in kennels. It’s available with a 400ml capacity, and it’s drop free, which means it will keep the crate dry. It’s made from BPA-free plastic and stainless steel, which also means that it’s durable and safe to use.

●   Choco Nose H528 Toy Breed 

These are specially made for toy breeds. It’s made from BPA-free plastic and has a small nozzle that fits in perfectly for the toy breed’s little mouth. It can be easily refilled and mounted to the side of the crate, and the best part is that the bottle at the top can be replaced with most of the regular-sized bottles.

●   Poodle pet water feed bottle 

It is best for small size dogs, which spends long hours in its crate. It’s easy to remove and refill, and it is made from eco-friendly materials. It can contain about 12oz of water.

Note:- If this is the first time you are using a dog crate water bottle, then you have to keep it in mind that dogs will drink water only if they feel thirsty. So it’s better not to force it to them but to be patient and observe them make sure that your dogs consume an adequate amount of water and that they have become accustomed to using these types of water bottles.

Have you tried out the water bottle dog toy?

When you visit the pet store next time, make sure that you have a look at the water bottle dog toys to make your dog drink more water when they go out for a walk. This method will not make them lazy at all.

dog bowl water bottle

What makes Aqua Dog Water Bottles special?

So, what makes them unique compared to other water bottles that are available in the market? 

Well, these water bottles have a lid in its mouth, which are specifically designed for dogs to drink water more naturally easily. At first glance, these water bottles seem to appear just like a regular sports water bottle with a small bowl on top of it. 

Easy access to get water !!!

You could easily fill this bowl by simply dog water bottle squeeze from the middle, and the water will rise to the dog bowl water bottle, which allows your dogs to drink the water. When you release the grip, the dirty water won’t flow back into the bottle, which keeps your water bottle clean. So, if there is any remaining water, you could just wait and use it when your dog feels thirsty again or just throw it away. 

Eventually, the dogs will get used to aqua dog water bottles

The tube inside the water bottle stretches directly to the bottom of the bottle, which means you don’t have to squeeze it hard as the water gets low. But some find it hard to get a good grip to squeeze out the water as it gets lower, so people with a weak grip might find this to be a little problematic. 

Petco dog water bottle which is another great 

Some dogs will be hesitant to use Petco dog water bottle and slurpy sipper dog water bottle since it is quite different from what they normally use. So, it might take some time for them to get used to it. The lid is not completely waterproof since it will spill two to three drops of water if turned upside down. However, dog owners would like the idea behind Aqua Dog since it’s easy to carry around and could give a constant supply of water to their dogs.

Dog Water Bottle Stands? What are they?

These types of water bottle stands are used at homes. The purpose of it is to make sure that there won’t be any spilling in your house by your dog after it drinks water from a regular bowl and not to get your dog’s face soaked with water. These stands come in various heights and designs to suit you and your dog’s needs.

These types of water bottles can usually contain about 16-32 or 64 ounces of water to suit your dog’s hydration level, providing your dogs with a healthy way to consume water while keeping their faces clean and your floor dry. The design makes it easier for you to place and remove the dog water bottle from the stand.

What are Dog Water Bottle Bowls? How come they’d be useful?

Say you are going for a walk with your dog, and you take a portable dog water bottle with you, and you don’t want to spill it all over the ground while your dog drinks water from the bottle. This is where these types of bowls come in handy to make the process very simple and efficient. They are lightweight, foldable, and could be clipped to your belt or your dog’s collar so that you don’t have to carry it by yourself or squeeze it inside your pocket or bag.

Most suitable bowls for dog owners

Most suitable bowls
Most suitable bowls for dog owners

Popware travel cup

It is lightweight and small, and it’s durable and folds completely flat. When your dog is thirsty, you could just pop it out and pour some water into it. It has a carabiner style clip, which makes it easier for you to attach it to your dog’s lead, your belt, or your bag. These are mostly suitable for dog breeds with small or medium in size since these bowls come in two sizes, which could hold only up to 8oz and 16oz of water.

EzyDog Fold-a-Bowl

These are handy dog travel bowls. It has a clip that could be attached to your dog’s collar or your belt. To use it, simply fold it inside out, and it turns from a flat bag to a sturdy dog bowl. These bowls are well spacious and have a stable shape that could be placed on the ground without any problems. These bowls commonly come in two sizes, which could contain up to 25oz and 40oz of water, which is suitable for larger dogs.

Quencher Bowl

This is an all-purpose travel bowl. This is a high-quality travel bowl that could be used for both water and food. The bowl could be folded flat, which makes it easier to carry and store. It’s completely waterproof and makes it suitable to hold onto the water. 

Initially, it comes with a standard opening at the top, but you can choose the Quencher Cinch Top, which has a drawstring closure, which helps the bowl to contain the water without dripping it out. The outer layer is made up of tough polyester, which has a reflective trim for enhanced visibility and has an inner part waterproof liner, which is guaranteed not to fail. 

Dog Water Bottle Dispensers
What about the Dog Water Bottle Dispensers

What’s the purpose of Dog Water Bottle Dispensers?

Before we jump into the purpose of these dispensers, we’ll see what it means. These are the same as the human version but a bit smaller. The inverted bottle distributes water into the bowl through gravity, but it will only happen when the water level in the bowl drops below a certain point. They are simple to clean and easy to use, but the only letdown is that it might become quite heavy if you prefer a bigger size of those bottles.

Why are Water Bottle Dispensers so convenient?

These water dispensers can hold a large amount of water, so you don’t have to remember to refill them constantly. A dispenser won’t overturn or spill, which means there’s no mess for you and no loss of water for your dog.

What about the Dog Water Bottle Dispensers?

There are some dog water bottle dispensers in the market which have a filter to keep the water clean, and there are some automated ones as well, which keep the water running to prevent the bacteria from accumulating while keeping the water well oxygenated. In general water, dispensers benefit you and your dog by being convenient to use and gives freshness in water, which leads to improved health for your dog.

dog travel water bottle

Slurpy Sipper dog water bottle

Keeping your dogs hydrated is important, and these 12oz water bottle will make sure that your dog gets enough amount of water it needs. Fill the dog travel water bottle with water and then press the button, which is used to both lock and unlock to fill up the bowl at the other side. This bottle has a rubber ring that ensures to be leakproof, and the button in the middle prevents it from any accidental spillages. These are available in turquoise, pink, and white. These mainly come in two sizes – small (12oz) and large (18.5oz).

M&M Dog Water Bottle

It’s lightweight and easy to carry around. It comes in two sizes, and if you are not going out for too long, you could choose the smaller one. The top which has the bowl will fit in with most of the other dog water bottles as well so that you could move to a larger portable water bottle when going out for a longer time.

Easy to clean!

It can be washed in a dishwasher, which means it won’t accumulate any bacteria and comes with a silicone seal to ensure it doesn’t leak. The button in the middle of the bottle has a lock/unlock system, which prevents the water from spilling. It’s available from 9$ to 12$ and could be purchased online.

Is it bad for a dog to chew on a water bottle?

It is quite dangerous for the dogs to chew the bottles since there is a higher chance that the dogs will swallow the cap once they start chewing it. In addition to that, if the dog chews on a sharp edge of the bottle, then they might wound themselves since the gum inside the dog’s mouth is quite delicate.

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